About Us

About Maven

Maven is a residential roofing and solar installation contractor based in Jacksonville, North Carolina. We serve residential property owners in Jacksonville, North Carolina and Omaha, Nebraska. We want to beautify home after home with our aesthetically pleasing solutions. We are among Jacksonville, NC and Omaha, NE leading residential roofing and solar companies. Maven is known for its expert workmanship, honesty, and dedication to providing outstanding customer care.

Our Story

Maven, one who is experienced or knowledgeable, an expert.

Maven Construction is a Veteran owned and operated organization specializing in Roofing, Gutters, Solar, Insulation and Siding. Maven Construction was established in Jacksonville, NC in 2018 with a vision to deliver high quality builds for our clients and create future Mavens. To date, Maven has successfully delivered hundreds of builds to satisfied customers all over the Carolina Coast.

Company Mission

Our Mission is to build Mavens, help local heros and service members transition to civilian workforces and provide a trusted building partner to the communities we have an opportunity to serve.

Core Values


Family & Faith -Top Priority


Integrity – Doing the right thing, always. Integrity over profits


Invest – In ourselves, team members and our communities


Innovate – Adapt or be irrelevant


Selflessness- Giving more than we take


Time – Is our greatest currency, no one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve only got 24 hours each and every day

We Are Maven

Maven features licensed and insured roofing and solar contractors who have years of experience in the roofing and solar industries. Not only do we have certifications for what we do, we continually strive to keep up to date with best industry practices and products. We never rest on our laurels; we’re always ready to tackle a new challenge.

Maven carefully screens all our employees to ensure they have the appropriate credentials to perform our services but also to make certain that each one shares our values—our commitment to our clients and dedication to our work. Everyone’s home is special to them so we take special care to make sure our work enhances their home with durable materials and aesthetically pleasing style. Because we’ve been doing this work for years, we’ve managed to build lasting relationships with many of our customers—installing a new roof one year and doing some exterior painting the next.

Our Jacksonville, NC and Omaha, NE customers can rely on us for our hard work, affordable prices, and commitment to using quality materials. We don’t take shortcuts and we don’t shortchange our customers. It’s the ultimate compliment to know our customers trust us and we don’t take that trust for granted.

Our Residential Roofing Or Solar Installation Process

Contracting with Maven is easy. Get in touch with us to discuss your roofing or solar installation needs. We can provide a free initial consultation to talk about your project. We talk about our process and how we go about evaluating a project before creating a cost estimate. We’ll answer all of your questions and address any concerns you might have.

If you choose our roofing or solar installation service, we can set an appointment to visit your home at your convenience. We can inspect or make plans for your project with a detailed site assessment. This part of the process is important because we want to provide you with an accurate quote for our work. We’ll need to measure and do some inspecting to ensure we have a precise view of the project. We’ll also need to consider materials for your project. We can talk about different options available and help you select products in keeping with your needs and project budget.

On our end, we’ll get to work on a schedule (that ultimately meets with our customers’ approval), consult with our team to develop a plan, and line up the expert crews needed for the job. If permits are required, we’ll help you procure them. When the project begins, we’ll being everything needed to perform the work and clean up any messes that occur. Our crews will work diligently to bring your project to completion to your satisfaction—and that also means completing the job in the set time frame and within budget.

We know that any type of residential roofing or solar installation can be a disruption, so we’ll do our best to minimize our impact on your household. Although removing and replacing a new roof can be a bit noisy during the process, we promise to work efficiently until the project is completed. During each phase of the project, we are accessible and ready to answer all of your questions. After finishing the job, we’ll ask you to inspect our work because we can’t be satisfied until you are!

The Maven Way

Maven has a reputation for proving above-and-beyond customer service. In order to do this consistently, we follow some carefully developed ground rules that we strive to work by:

We Exceed Standards: Our crews know what the standards are—but our work rises above them. Our goal is to exceed the standards to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Character: Our team members are good people—talented craftsman and contractors—but utterly decent at heart. Honesty is a major tenet of Maven’s business model. When customers contract with us, they can expect to see our professional character shine with honesty and integrity.

Craftsmanship Expertise: We love what we do—and we excel at what we do. We take pride in our craft. Whether we’re installing a new solar panel system or installing a new roof, we bring our ‘A’ game to the job every day.

Communication: When you contract with Maven for our roofing or solar installation services, we will respect your right to know. We are performing a service for you—so we answer to you. We won’t leave you in the dark about any aspect of the project. We are transparent and will plan to communicate with you with each phase of the project.

Efficiency: Maven’s contractors and crews work with efficiency. When you’re a pro and know exactly what you’re doing, there’s no reason to get bogged down. We work hard to get your job done on time.

At Maven, we can’t promise you the moon, but we can promise you a successful roofing or solar panel installation project that meets your specifications. When you hire Maven to tackle your residential roofing or solar projects, we take it as the highest of compliments that you are placing your trust in us. We know you love your home and we want you to love that you hired Maven to make it even better!


Maven doesn’t price gouge. We believe in charging fair rates for all of our services. We’re also upfront about what we charge and will explain all charges in our quote in detail. In fact, we often discuss pricing up front. We tell you what products are most expensive as well as what products are ideal for the job—even if they aren’t top of the line. We never use inferior products but there is a range that our customers can choose from. We can help advise you as you make your selections. Materials necessarily impact cost. Fortunately, we buy many materials in large quantities often at discounted rates. We are frequently able to provide our customers with exceptional deals on materials. We all have budgets to contend with, so we’ll do everything we can to help you stick to yours while bringing your renovation dream to life.

Although we make thorough inspections, sometimes we can’t tell what’s under a roof until we pull the old one off. If we spot moisture damage or mold, repairs may be needed. We’ll discuss any and all issues with you if they arise. We won’t simply tack on fees without letting you know what’s happening with the project.

We Love Curb Appeal

Nothing pleases us more than to see our customers smile when they check out our completed work. Often, the results our dramatic. A new roof or new solar panel system—these features can transform the look of your house and maximize its curb appeal. But as we always tell our customers—looks aren’t everything! Our residential roofing or solar projects have to function, have to perform. A trendy, shingled roof catches the eye, but that roof also has to do its job to protect the underlying materials. The same goes for all of our solar panel installations—it’s the performance that counts, and we stand by our work with guarantees you can depend on.

If you’re thinking about a new residential roof or solar panel installation, you can rely on Maven to fulfill your needs. Contact us to tell us about your projects vision. We’d like nothing more than to make it come true.


Materials Selection

Maven’s contractors have experience working with a myriad of products and materials that relate to our services. We are experts when it comes to materials selection. It’s ultimately your choice when it comes to materials, but we can educate you about all products that are relevant to your renovation. That way, you can make an informed decision about the materials used for your project.

If you have questions about products or manufacturers, let us know. We have experience with a multitude of materials and products. We know which ones have the best track record and work best for our

What We Do

Maven specializes in exterior home renovations. Our major areas of service include:


Residential Roofing

Need a new roof or roof repairs? We are certified roofing experts and offer a wide array of roofing products to choose from.

Solar Installation

Looking to go solar? Our  team of solar contractors customize every system to meet your unique energy requirements and goals.

Insurance Claims

Need to file a roof insurance claim? Contact Maven today to let us help get your roof repaired or replaced.

Gutter Installations

Need a gutter repair or installation? We are certified roofing experts and offers gutter installation and services.

Siding Installations

Need a siding repair or installation? We are certified roofing experts and offers siding installation and services.

Insulation Services

Searching for insulation services? We are certified roofing experts and offers insulation services in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Maven’s contractors can also tackle custom exterior projects for our customers. If you have a renovation in mind, contact us to discuss it.

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