Exterior House Painting
in Jacksonville, NC

Exterior House Painting in Jacksonville, NC

Maven is a full-service home renovation company that specializes in exterior painting. We serve residential customers throughout Jacksonville, NC. Our contractors have years of experience in the residential construction field. When it comes to exterior painting, we work efficiently but also meticulously to ensure that the outcome is flawless. We rely on quality paints and finishes to bring your vision of home to life. If you are looking for a reliable exterior painting service in Jacksonville, NC, you’ll find it with Maven.

Boost Curb Appeal

Dingy paint or paint that’s chipping can greatly reduce your home’s curb appeal. If it’s time to give your house a makeover, you can count on Maven to transform the look of your home with our professional painting services. Whether you opt for a trend-right color combination or prefer traditional hues that are in keeping with your home’s construction era, we can paint to your specifications. Curb appeal is important because it can elevate your enjoyment of your home. It can also attract buyers if you’re planning to sell your house. When your curb appeal is at its best, it can enhance the whole neighborhood.

Our Exterior Painting Contractors in Jacksonville, NC

Maven has a team of dedicated exterior home painters who have years of experience. They are knowledgeable about the best exterior paints for our coastal climate and have the training needed to paint houses, garages, barns, sheds, trim, and other types of residential structures. Some homeowners might consider doing the job themselves, but if you want a professional look for your exterior, it’s ideal to hire pros like Maven’s contractors for the job. Our contractors prioritize safety; they have years of experience painting atop ladders and ensuring that no detail is overlooked. House painting is one of our specialties and we have all the equipment needed to get the job done efficiently.

Why Hire Maven to Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

Your house is a big investment so it makes sense to protect it by hiring the best contractors to care for it. Exterior paint can boost your curb appeal, but it also protects the underlying materials of your house. Our exterior painters can do everything from start to finish. They’ll do all the preparation work to ready your house’s surface and they’ll apply the ideal finish to suit your home’s style.

If you’re considering painting your home yourself, we hope you’ll consider a few things. Some homeowners think it’s cost effective to do the work themselves, but it can be quite expensive if you need to purchase the equipment needed for the job. Painting a home’s exterior isn’t simply a “one-ladder job.” Extension ladders are usually required; if you don’t own them, you’ll need to factor in the cost of renting or purchasing them.

Painting on a ladder is risky. Unless you’re experienced performing this type of meticulous work from a ladder, it’s just not a safe option to paint your home’s exterior, especially if the structure is more than a single story. Our contractors perform this type of work routinely for our Jacksonville customers. They know how to work safely while achieving their professional results.

Our Exterior Painting Services

Maven’s contractors will visit your home to discuss the renovation and your preferences. We’ll inspect the current paintwork to help you determine how much preparation work is needed. Peeling paint needs to be removed. Sometimes power washing is required. We’ll need to select paint products and so forth. We can help you with the design, the preparation, and all the paint and finish work. Some of our exterior painting services include:


Our painting contractors are design experts. They can help you arrive at a color scheme for your home. We can provide you with paint samples and images of houses similar to yours to give you some ideas to consider for your own paint plan.


Many homes have peeling paint or moisture damage that has to be addressed before we ever pick up a paintbrush. We’ll examine your house and report back to you about our findings. If there’s a mold problem or layers of dirt, they’ll have to be removed before we can go to work. We report to you about any issues you find. Homeowners can choose to handle these issues themselves or allow us to take care of them as part of our service.

Surface Preparation

Power washing and scraping peeling paint are some of the most common preparation tasks for an exterior paint job. Maven can perform all necessary prep work on your home or other residential structure before painting. Careful preparation of the surface is essential to ensure the longevity of your new paint job. If the scraping isn’t done completely, for example, your new paint is apt to peel within a shot period of time. We’ll also prime any bare wood to ensure that your paint adheres optimally to the surface of your home.

Tape and Tarps

As part of the preparation for painting your home, we’ll take care to protect those items that aren’t meant to be painted like windows, doors, and porches. We lay tarps to ensure that no stray drips wind up on your window panes, walkways, or deck. If you have landscaping like shrubs or bushes located near your house, we can carefully tie them back with twine to make sure they don’t scrape up against your drying paint.

Choosing Paint

Choosing exterior paint isn’t just about color selection. That’s important, of course, but there are other factors to consider. Our contractors can help you select a product that’s ideal for the surface of your house whether it’s brick or stucco. We have experience with many different paint products. We’ll help you make the best selection for your house.

Today’s generation of exterior paints are engineered to withstand the outdoor elements admirably. In our area, paint surfaces can take a beating. Salt in the air, powerful storms blowing in from the sea, and humidity can take a toll on your house’s paint and finish. We help our customers choose the best products for our neck of the woods. We know what holds up best for Jacksonville’s coastal climate. There are exterior paints that are designed to resist mold. Some paints are designed for greater longevity than others.

Different products have different price points. We’ll go over all the different options so that you can make an informed decision.

Color Choice

Choosing paint color is stressful for some clients. We understand. A professional paint job is intended to last so if you select the wrong color, you might have to live with it for quite a while. We will help you examine different color combinations, but we can also advise you about how certain colors can accentuate positive features of your house while other colors can actually mask flaws. We’ll also help you consider colors based on your landscape, the style of your home, the era your house was constructed in, and the colors that are best for masking dirt. Of course, there’s also your personal preference! Even if you’re considering a dramatic color choice, we can show you some images of homes that feature that color to make sure you’re completely comfortable with your selection even before we apply the first stroke.

We want you to be completely pleased with your renovation. We take time during the planning phase to make sure that the paint you choose is truly the paint you want.

Contact Maven if you want to line up professional painting services for your Jacksonville, NC, home. Our rates are fair and our expertise is unsurpassed. Call us for an estimate today.

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