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Home Remodeling Contractor In Atlantic Beach, NC

For experience and expertise in your home remodeling contractor, Maven. We serve Atlantic Beach, NC, residential property owners with a full spectrum of home remodeling contractor services. We are committed to providing our customers with the best-possible customer care. We help homeowners enhance the look of their home, ready it for sale, or to attract renters. As a licensed and insured service provider, we stand by our work and promise to treat your house as if it was our own.

Home Remodeling Contractor With High-Quality Craftsmanship

Trust Maven to enhance your home’s curb appeal and well-being. Our crews have years of experience working in the home renovation industry as part of the best home remodeling contractor in Atlantic Beach, NC. Maven screens all of our team members to ensure they meet our standards of excellence. We’re dedicated to providing Atlantic Beach, NC, with a level of service that exceeds customers’ expectations. Maven believes strongly in old-fashioned values like honesty and integrity, but we use the best modern techniques and innovative product solutions to achieve successful results. As a leading home remodeling contractor, Maven features a full line-up of exterior home repair and renovation services designed to ramp up curb appeal and protect our customers’ property investment. If you need new windows, roof repair, or gutter replacement, Maven can tackle the job.


New siding can transform the look of your home’s exterior while protecting your structure at the same time. If your siding is old and showing signs of disrepair, it might be time to invest in brand-new siding. Maven’s contractors have experience installing new siding on homes, garages, out buildings, and more. We also repair damaged siding. Today, there are many siding products to consider. We frequently advise customers to opt for energy-efficient siding products that help homeowners save money on their heating and air conditioning costs. Maven is dedicated to helping clients choose the right solutions for their homes. Contact us if you need residential siding installed by our experienced contractors.


Thinking about investing in new windows? Maven specializes in new window installation. We have been helping customers in and around Atlantic Beach, NC, select and install new windows for years. We stay up-to-date about the best and most reliable window options available today so that we can advise our clients about which windows to choose. There are many quality, budget-friendly windows available today. New windows are an investment, but they’re an investment in your home and should support its value.

One of the most popular reasons to upgrade windows is to install energy-efficient models. Old windows can wreak havoc on your interior climate control, forcing your HVAC system to work overtime in both summer and winter. When your heating and air conditioning systems are overtasked, they can cause serious increases in your energy bills. Over time, they can even cause undue wear and tear on your HVAC system, which can lead to extra repair costs and even premature replacements.

Window installation requires professional service to ensure that the new windows are properly installed. Our technicians are certified to deliver all of our services with reliable expertise. We specialize in a wide array of window types. We can explain each type in detail, helping you choose the windows that are right for your home. Whether your home is historic, mid-century, or fairly new, we can assist with window repairs and, of course, new installations for any style house.


Maven specializes in new roof installation and repairs. We are a licensed and insured residential roofing contractor. We can procure the supplies and have the crews needed to perform any residential roofing job. A new roof is a major investment, but one that’s a necessity if your roof is in a state of disrepair. Although some repairs can extend the longevity of your roof, at some point, a new one may become a priority.

If you are in the market for a new roof, we can evaluate your home and help you select roofing materials that are sure to suit your aesthetic preferences. There are some major differences between roofing materials including price. We’ll go over all the options with you, helping you choose a durable and reliable material that suits your budget. At Maven, we stand behind our work. If you need roof repairs or a brand-new roof, contact us to learn more.

Just remember, the quality of the workmanship is just as integral to a successful roof problem as the materials used for the job. A poor installation can lead to a poorly functioning roof—and that could spell disaster. We strive to not only meet all applicable standards for excellence but to exceed them as well. As a licensed and accredited residential renovation company, we have the skilled operators needed to install your roof to perfection.


New gutters may not be a glamorous upgrade, but they are a necessity when it comes to protecting your home from rainwater and moisture damage. Our contractors can inspect your gutters to ensure they’re working properly. We can make repairs or even install a brand-new gutter system. We can advise you about different options and different material choices. Contact us to visit your house. Our contractors can provide you with a free estimate. From minor repairs to complete installations, our services are cost-effective and reliable.

Exterior Painting

Maven features a team of expert exterior home painters. Today’s exterior paints are formulated to stand up admirably to the elements. From sea winds to humidity, Atlantic Beach weather can vary. Fortunately, our contractors can advise you about the right exterior paints to select for your home or other property structures. Our crews are efficient at what they’ll do. They bring everything they need to complete the job, including tarps and ladders. We can help you choose the ideal paints and colors for your project.

High-Quality Materials

Maven is known for our experienced contractors as well as our use of quality materials. Inferior materials can sabotage your project. Maven uses top-notch materials to achieve our successful outcomes. We’ll discuss all material options with you so you can select a quality product that suits your budget. Because we purchase large quantities of some materials, we’re able to buy them at a discounted rate. This allows us to pass on some discounts to our clients as well.

Curb Appeal You Can Bank On

Creating an aesthetically pleasing home exterior isn’t just a matter of style. Sure, it’s nice to have the best-looking house on the street, but it’s even better to know that your home’s exterior features are protecting the structure. We have many long-term customers throughout the Atlantic Beach area. We take a flexible approach to each project to ensure we’re meeting our clients’ specific needs. Some clients want to invest in their house’s exterior to spruce it up before a sale—but they don’t want to invest too much or more than they have to. Maven can discuss some budget-friendly solutions that can enhance the exterior’s curb appeal as well as its functionality.

Of course, many property owners simply want to enjoy their Atlantic Beach home. We can tackle smaller jobs like new shutter replacements and porch expansions or larger projects like those mentioned above. Have something special in mind? Contact us as we often take on custom projects as well. At Maven, we’re dedicated to helping customers meet their renovation goals.

Maven has a reputation in Atlantic Beach, NC, for professionalism, honesty, and quality workmanship. We take great care in all we do. If you need any exterior makeovers or renovations for your home, we can handle the work. We invite you to get to know our gallery of work to see some of our recent projects. Contact Maven for more information about any of our offered services. We can provide you with upfront costs after evaluating the project you have in mind.


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