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Home Remodeling Contractor In Swansboro, NC

Home improvement projects are exciting. We look forward to helping our clients bring their vision of home to life. Maven is an experienced home remodeling contractor who serves customers in or near Swansboro, NC. We are headquartered in Emerald Isle, but we travel throughout the region bringing our affordable renovation solutions to homeowners. Maven features expert contractors who specialize in roofs, exterior painting, gutters, siding, and windows. We are licensed, insured, and dedicated to providing the best customer service to our clients. Whether you need your new home addition sided or want to replace your aging roof, we can tackle the job from start to finish.

Invest in Your Home

When you contract with a professional home remodeling contractor like Maven to renovate your home, you’re investing in your home’s well-being and value. We help property owners maintain and increase the value of their homes with our exterior solutions. Homes that aren’t properly maintained can detract from your investment. They can also decrease your enjoyment of your home, lead to expensive repairs, and dampen your house’s curb appeal.

Maven works with homeowners with wide-raging budgets. We put our all into the job whether it’s a small-scale project or a large one. Each time you invest in your home even with minor repairs it supports your fiscal investment in your property. You can trust Maven to treat your home like it was ours. We don’t skimp on the details or take shortcuts when performing our work. We intend to provide you with the superior service you deserve and we take it as a compliment each time a customer chooses us to handle their home renovation project.

Get to Know Maven’s Home Renovation Contractor Services

Maven has crews that work throughout Swansboro, NC, delivering our home renovation services. Our certified contractors specialize in:


New siding is a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal, but today’s siding products also provide great insulating properties. New siding that insulates well can help tamp down on energy bills. Old siding could be allowing draughts to enter your home in winter, which causes your furnace or boiler to work overtime. In summer, a poorly insulated home will have to run the AC unit more frequently to achieve optimum temperature control. This reduced energy efficiency is costly. New siding can help you save on energy costs while beautifying the exterior of your home. We can meet with you to discuss the various types and styles of siding available to you today. If you need your current siding repaired, we can handle that too. Contact us to inspect your siding for a free cost estimate.


Tired of feeling draughts seep through your old windows? Sick of your windows fogging up? Old windows can detract from the comfort of your home. Old windows aren’t engineered like newer ones to insulate effectively. Today’s new generation of energy-efficient windows are designed to expertly protect your interior climate. Your HVAC system will have to work less often to maintain your heat during winter or your cool temperature during the hot summer.

There are many windows to choose from. We can help you decide on window styles and framing materials. Many homeowners are concerned about cost, but we can recommend quality products that are also budget friendly.


Your roof is important because it protects your home structure. It has to function properly or it will leave your home structure vulnerable to leaks, moisture damage, and pests. As a near-coast community, Swansboro is no stranger to rough weather. Storms blowing in from the sea can damage roofs or cause tree limbs to seriously damage roofs. We can make repairs to ensure that your roof provides your house with the reliable protection it needs.

If your roof shows signs of aging like curling shingles, you might be thinking about having it replaced. Maven is a leading area roofing contractor with experience working on all types of residential roofs. We can help you select roofing material that enhances your home’s curb appeal, protects your house structure for years to come, and suits your budget. Don’t allow an inexperienced operator to install your roof or you could be risking your investment. Poorly installed roofs can lead to moisture damage and structural problems for your house. Maven’s crews are experts. We’ll get the job done to perfection.


Gutters are an extremely important feature of your exterior home. Your gutter system guides water from the roof away from your house. When gutters are in a state of disrepair, water can pool near the roof or seep into cracks in the siding or exterior wall material and cause moisture damage—even rot. Your gutters must lead rainwater away from the home’s foundation or water can seep into your basement and also cause damage and lead to the development of mold and mildew. We install and repair all types of residential gutters. If you need new gutters, simply call to schedule your estimate. We’ll talk about the different options available and help you choose the right products for your house.

Exterior Painting

Maven features painting specialists who can prepare the surface of your house and apply your chosen paint products and finishes. We paint entire exterior homes, shutters, trim, porches, garages, sheds, barns, and other residential out buildings. We bring all the equipment needed—extension ladders, tarps, etc… to complete the work professionally and according to schedule. There are many great exterior paints available, but we can advise you about which types work best in Swansboro’s climate. We can help you select colors if you choose and can provide you with an upfront quote for the job.

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Maven has a reputation for excellent communication, integrity, and outstanding workmanship. As a leading home remodeling contractor, we believe in providing our clients with upfront costs for our renovation and repair services. If you hire us for the job, you can expect us to give it 100% from start to finish. Contact Maven if you need an experience home improvement contractor in or around Swansboro, NC. Get to know our recent projects by viewing our gallery.


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