Home Remodeling Services In Jacksonville, NC

Our Home Remodeling Services In Jacksonville, NC

Maven specializes in multi-type exterior home remodeling services. We are based in Emerald Isle but our crews travel all around the Crystal Coast region to deliver our renovation solutions. We are licensed, insured, and experienced. Customers rely on us to enhance the functionality of their exterior, boost curb appeal, help ready their property for sale, or even attract renters. Maven’s contractors are well-known for their strong work ethic, attention to detail, and high-quality craftsmanship. We invite you to get to know our services and view our gallery of recently completed projects to see why so many Crystal Coast property owners choose Maven to complete their home improvement and renovation projects.


Maven features contractors who specialize in siding installation and repair. Old siding or siding that’s in a state of disrepair isn’t doing your home any favors aesthetically—or, more importantly, functionally. Your siding must protect your home from the elements, and in our region, those elements vary widely to include coastal storms, strong winds, rain, humidity, and fluctuating temperatures. From season to season, your siding has to provide protection for your home’s frame as well as help insulate it from the weather elements.

Old siding may be failing at its job. Maven can inspect your siding and make any needed repairs. Keep in mind that old siding may not be energy-efficient, however. Today, there are new products that are specially designed to enhance interior temperature control. That means that your HVAC system doesn’t have to work extra to heat or cool your home.

Maven can recommend various types of reliable siding products and solutions. We’ll explain each option and help you select a product that meets your needs and budget. New siding is an investment, but it can actually boost property value and substantially ramp up your home’s curb appeal.


New windows are a big investment in your home, which is why you should only trust an experienced window repair and installation contractor like Maven to handle the job. A poor installation can detract from your investment and can lead to draughts, water damage, and difficulty opening and closing windows. Maven specializes in replacement windows for residential customers. Are contractors are certified and experienced to replace old windows with new ones.

Today’s windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Your old windows could be costing you. Draughts force your furnace or heating system to work overtime—and that leads to costlier energy bills. New energy-efficient windows will enhance your home’s temperature control for improved comfort and reduced energy bills. Plus, they’ll even enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. We can install easy-to-clean windows that are available in a wide array of styles to suit your preference.


To protect your home, you want to ensure that your roofing contractors have the experience and expertise needed for the job. We are a certified roofing contractor with years of experience installing and repairing residential roofs. We work with various types of roofing materials in accordance with our clients’ wishes. When we meet to discuss the project, we’ll go over all the options available and help you select quality materials that meet your budget.

We’ll also explain what’s involved in the process—like the need to procure permits—and scheduling. No matter why type of roof you have in mind, we’ll work efficiently and skillfully to complete your roof installation or repairs on time and within budget. If we do uncover an issue when removing your old roof such as termite damage, we’ll let you know and discuss the ideal solutions for the problem.

Our contractors put great care into roofing projects. A poorly installed roof can cause substantial moisture damage and detract from the longevity of your roof—and that makes for a poor investment. We get it right the first time and stand by the quality of our work. Call us if you are interested in investing in a new roof for your home.


As home improvement projects go, new gutters might not be as glamorous as a new wrap-around porch or brick patio, but they will definitely do an outstanding job of protecting your home’s walls and foundation from rainwater and moisture damage. Ensuring proper drainage around your home is essential for preventing moisture-related problems. The Emerald Isle region gets its fair share of storms and rain, so be sure that your gutters are in optimum working condition.

Maven contractors install various types of gutter systems. Many homeowners are interested in systems that include gutter guards to reduce maintenance types. We can advise you about different types of gutters and their materials so you can make an informed decision when it comes to selecting your gutter system. If you need your current gutters repaired, just call us. We can provide you with a free cost estimate.

Exterior Painting

Give your home an exterior makeover with a fresh coat of exterior paint. Today’s generation of outdoor paints are formulated to help protect the materials they cover. We can recommend the ideal paints for our climate. We paint all areas of your exterior home including shutters and window boxes. We also paint barns, sheds, garages, out buildings, playhouses, and more. Our painters are experienced and dedicated to achieving a flawless job. Take a look at some of our completed projects to see why we’re one of the Crystal Coasts leading painting contractors.

Custom Service

Do you have a custom project in mind? Contact us to discuss your ideas. We may be able to help you with your renovation. Many of our contractors have years of experience in the construction field and enjoy taking on new and exciting projects in our field. We’ll help you plan, procure the materials, and then achieve your brilliant results!

Because we offer a full menu of home remodeling services, no matter why type of exterior home renovation you hire us for, you can expect the best-quality workmanship our field affords. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations. We are committed to building long-lasting relationships with our customers. That’s why Maven is Crystal Cove’s first choice for exterior home improvements.


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