Filing A Roofing Insurance Claim In Omaha, NE

Things To Know About Roofing Insurance Claims In Omaha, NE

If your Omaha, NE home was recently damaged by hail, windstorms or any other type of storm related weather, there is a chance you may have roof damage. If you suspect your roof has been recently damaged, contact Maven for a free no-obligation roof inspection. Once Maven is able to assess the damages, you can then decide if you need to contact your insurance agency to begin filing an insurance claim for your roof. At Maven, we pride ourselves on providing great customer service and quality workmanship. You can expect your roof to be fixed or replaced in a timely manner and with superior workmanship that Maven has become known for!

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Roofing Inspection Before Filing An Insurance Claim

Maven understands that a potential damaged roof is a stressful time in anyone’s life. We are happy to provide you a free no-obligation roofing inspection for damage that may have occurred to your Omaha, NE roof. Our fully trained and licensed roofing contractors inspect your roof BEFORE you file an insurance claim with your insurance agency. By doing this, you don’t risk your insurance agency dropping your coverage due to filing an unnecessary claim. It’s always in your best interest to contact Maven for a free roof inspection prior to contacting your insurance agency. This way you don’t jeopardize your low deductibles and insurance rates. 

We Make Filing An Omaha, NE Roofing Insurance Claims Easy!

Whether your roof has encountered damage from a recent hailstorm or a tree has fallen on top of your roof, Maven is here to help you with filing an insurance claim for your roof damages. We understand that filing an insurance claim can cause anyone a lot of stress and frustration. This is why we have put together a step-by-step guide to help understand what all needs to be done when filing for a roofing insurance claim in Omaha, NE.


Call Maven For A Free, No-Obligation Roofing Inspection.

The first step for filing an insurance claim for your roof in Omaha, NE is to call Maven to schedule a free no-obligation roof inspection. Maven is proud to have certified and trained professional roofing crews that are available to inspect your Omaha, NE roof if you suspect any damage.


Maven Will Determine Any Roof Damages.

The second step when filing an Omaha, NE insurance claim is to have Maven’s professional and licensed roofing contractors assess the roofing damages. We will provide you an estimate of the cost associated with the repairs or replacement of the roof. After the estimate has been completed, this will determine if you need to go to step three of filing an insurance claim for your roof.


If The Estimated Roof Damages Exceeds Your Insurance Deductible, You Will Then File A Claim With Your Insurance Company.

If Maven’s estimate for the roofing repairs or roofing replacement costs are higher than your insurance deductible, you would then call your insurance agent to schedule for one of their insurance adjusters to check on your Omaha, NE roof damages. Once filed, the adjuster will schedule a time that he or she will be able to meet with you to discuss all of the roof damages and costs associated with fixing them.


Authorizing Maven To Fix Your Roof Damages.

Once you, your insurance agent, and Maven have come to an agreement on the costs of damages to your roof in Omaha, NE we can then collectively discuss the time frames, set the expectations, and finally the payment terms. This will then authorize Maven to proceed on fixing your roof. Maven only begins working on your roof damages after all the aforementioned variables are agreed upon with you and your insurance agent.


Your Roofing Repair Or Replacement Is Then Scheduled To Be Fixed.

Now that everyone has agreed upon the cost of the repairs or replacement of your Omaha, NE roof we will schedule the time that we will begin working on your roof. The timeframe can vary due to a number of things. For instance, the weather, your residences size, as well as the pitch of your roof all play effect the timing of when your roof damages will able to begin working on. Maven strives itself on our excellent communication and customer service. We will keep you informed of the expected timeframe of your roof repairs every step of the way.


Once Maven Has Your Roof Repairs Completed, Request The Certificate Of Completion For Your Insurance Company.

Once you are satisfied with the completion of your roof, the next step would be to get a Certificate of Completion from Maven. You would then send this certificate to your insurance company to receive the RCV (Final) payment. Additionally, your insurance company may require some additional documentation such as receipts. Maven would be more than happy to provide you with any other documentation you may need.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Omaha, NE Roofing Insurance Claims

Maven has specialized in building and repairing roofs in Omaha, NE for many years. We also specialize in working with both local and nationwide insurance companies for Omaha, NE roofing insurance claims. We have put together some FAQs to help when filing an insurance claim for your Omaha roof.

Who Do I Need To Contact When Filing My Omaha, NE Roofing Insurance Claim?

You would need to talk to your local or nationwide insurance company about your roof when you are ready to file an insurance claim? Here’s is a comprehensive list of important insurance agency numbers for you:


Travelers 1-800-252-4633

Allstate 1-800-255-7828

State Farm 1-877-485-6943

Farmers 1-855-287-2149

American Family 1-888-692-6326

Farmers Mutual 1-402-434-8300

Allied 1-800-532-1436

Safeco 1-800-332-3226

Shelter 1-800-743-5837

Liberty Mutual 1-888-398-8924

Nationwide 1-877-669-6877

EMC Insurance 1-800-447-2295

Progressive Home Insurance 1-800-776-4737

Farm Bureau 1-866-399-3237

Auto Owners Insurance 1-517-323-1200

Is My Omaha, NE Roofing Project Considered A Construction Zone?

Yes, this is considered a construction zone. Maven encourages you to take any pictures off the walls of your home along with storing any valuable items safely away from the ceilings. We also want you to be aware that it is likely that debris will be falling around your property and that some debris could potentially enter one of your neighbor’s property while the construction is underway. It is always in good practice to let all your neighbors of your construction on your roof, especially if your Omaha, NE property lines are relatively close. All debris will be cleaned and your roof inspected after everything is fully completed.

What Is The Average Build Time For An Omaha, NE Roof?

On average, the roof build time is 1-2 days. Sometimes, there are situations that can potentially create longer turn around times. Some examples of this would be if the roof is especially steep or extra large. Generally, any roof that is under 3,000 square feet is completed in only 1 day.

Does Maven Work With Local And Nationwide Insurance Companies?

Maven is very experienced with working with both local and nationwide insurance companies. We understand the insurance process and will gladly help you throughout the entire filing process for your roof repairs or replacement. Maven understands the stress that filing an insurance claim can bring. We are here to help you with both fixing your roof and with the filing of your Omaha, NE insurance claim.

Is Maven’s Roofing Crews Insured & Legally Registered In Omaha, NE?

Yes! Maven takes great pride in our completed roofing projects and we make absolute sure that all of our roofing crews are certified and professionally trained to complete any roofing build project.

When Will My New Roof In Omaha, NE Be Fixed Or Replaced?

There are several variables that can affect the timeline of your roof being fixed. The overall project approval, the weather conditions and the communication between you, your insurance agency and Maven can affect the timeframe. Maven will always keep you informed from the start of your roof repairs or replacement to the very end of your roof project.  

Think You Need To File An Insurance Claim For Your Roof? Call Maven Today For A Free Roofing Inspection!

If you suspect you have any type of roof damage from a recent storm or any other variable that may have caused roof damage, Maven will be more than happy to give you a free estimate on the damage of your roof. We will also assist you with filing an Omaha, NE insurance claim for your roof if the damages exceed your deductible. Maven walks you through the necessary process from start to finish for roofing insurance claims. ​​

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