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According to the records gathered in 2013, almost 60 percent of residential homes in North Carolina use electrical energy as their main source of power. A quarter of these households use natural gas, while some use coal fire for power and nuclear energy. Due to the latest advancements in technology, the rise for solar energy is increasing exponentially.

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It is not uncommon for someone who uses natural gas or electricity as their primary source of energy to want to switch to renewable and sustainable energy to power their homes. If you think that this stuff is complicated, it actually isn’t. Let’s take a look at how the process of residential solar installers works on installing solar panel systems.

Get An Initial Consultation

There are a lot of residential solar installer companies that offer consultation. However, you should opt for the one that you can ask for a cost estimate or even provide them with a budget to work with.

Initial consultations can also be done at home. This is so the residential solar installer can check the area for a detailed assessment of the total cost and requirement of the solar project. Without initial on-site consultations, contractors cannot fully give you the details of the project. You will want to get the exact amount for the budget and time that will be spent on the construction, so you know how to deal with the process. Your solar contractor could also give you the best options and how you can save money without compromising the quality.

Your Chosen Contractor Will Assemble Their Team

The next step to getting your solar energy system installed is that your solar provider will gather their team to brief them regarding your home’s solar project. The number of people that will work on your home will depend on both parties’ availability, area to be covered, and materials to be used. The larger your planned solar project is, the more solar installer personnel may be needed to have the system installed. 

After meeting with the team, your solar contractor will work on a schedule you can both agree upon so they can start the installation process as early as possible.

Help Residential Owners Secure The Necessary Permits

The installation of a solar is considered to be major construction. Given that case, your neighborhood or city may require you to secure building permits. However, you will not be the only one to secure these needed documents on your own. Your solar contractor can also try to help you procure these permits and guide you on how to do it step-by-step.

Start Working On The Project

After setting aside the schedules of the crew, procuring the needed materials for the job, and securing the proper permits, the next step would have been that your solar company in Jacksonville, NC will start working on the project. If you think that you have selected the best residential solar installer for the Jacksonville area, then, by all means, give them the liberty to work on their own. You can be assured that every detail that is in the plan will be followed. There are, however, some incidences that workers do something by mistake. If this happens, your solar company should be the one responsible for owning up for their mistake and find ways on how to fix it.

Work On Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Some people are a bit hesitant to get a new solar panel system not because they are costly; instead, they are too occupied on how it would look like from the outside. Since solar panels are rather large and will be placed on your roof, it is something that will be visible to the public.

The best way to deal with this is to get a contractor that also does residential roofing installation and construction. Hiring one that is also a roofing contractor could benefit you more since they are also careful on the design and not just focused on the functionality. Roofing contractors who are working with solar panels will know how important remodeling your roof would be to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Select The Materials For Construction

Aside from the craftsmanship of the workers and how the panels are going to be installed, one more way for you to ensure that the solar panels will last for a long time would be the materials used in the construction. Choose a residential solar installer company that has a lot of experience working with various products and materials. You, as the homeowner, have an utmost say in what type of materials you want for the construction of the roof solar panels. However, your contractor should provide you with sound advice on whether or not it is recommended to work with these materials and products. Ultimately, the decision of what material you are going to use for your home will depend on you. But your solar contractor is responsible for informing you about the pros and cons of the materials.

Once You Decided To Have Solar Energy Installed, Go For The Best Contractors

Talking to a residential solar installer is important. Plus, the process itself and the materials that are going to be used are not cheap. That is why you should work with only the best, especially if you are in the North Carolina area. The energy through the solar panels can either be your primary or secondary source of energy to power everything inside your home. Hence, as much as possible, make sure that the panels are sturdy and functional. The first step into getting the right solar panels in your home would be choosing the best residential solar installers to work on it.


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