Residential Solar Installer in Omaha, NE

Residential Solar Installer In Omaha, NE

Maven serves residential customers in and around Omaha, NE with expert solar service at fair, upfront prices. Installing solar panels for your Omaha home is a great way to increase your home’s value along with adding extra curb appeal. Having residential solar can cut down or even eliminate your energy bills. By producing your own solar energy, you not only are able to save money on electrical bills but you are also helping create a more sustainable future for the environment. 

Maven is here to help provide you with a careful in-home inspection and solar installation service. Our professional and experienced residential solar installation contractors are ready for your residential solar project! Maven built our reputation on providing our solar customers in Omaha, NE with outstanding solar installation techniques, honesty, and attention to detail. We value open and honest communication with each and every one of our solar customers. We’ll keep you updated on all aspects of your solar installation project from start to finish.

Go Green In 2019!

Maven is passionate about providing our solar customers with the best and latest solar energy designs and techniques. We are committed to providing Omaha, NE residents with renewable energy alternatives throughout the Omaha area. Our professional solar contractors give us access to solar industry information that empowers Maven to strengthen our buying power and help provide affordable solar solutions for our customers!

Residential Solar Energy Starts With You!

Maven’s solar contractors start every Omaha residential solar installation with an inspection of your unique energy needs and requirements. This process entails a detailed look of your roof, its location, and your average energy usage. Our solar contractors will conduct an initial examination of your property as well as your past utility bills to help determine how much electricity you consume. Once your energy usage is determined, we then do a preliminary residential solar panel design that addresses your energy goals. This allows us to provide you with an estimate of the cost for your solar system as well as an initial ROI calculation for your system. 

Solar Brands to Fit Your Solar Budget!

Solar panels are designed to operate at peak efficiency for decades to come. Maven solar contractors design a residential solar panel system around your energy needs. In doing so, they also provide different name brand options for solar panels that provide different output and price points. Regardless of your residential solar project budget, we are sure you will be able to find the right solar panel system that meets the offset energy usage you are looking for that also fits into your budget. When you decide to go solar with Maven, you’re making a sound investment that will deliver financial and environmental gains for years to come!

Why Should You Go Solar With Maven

Maven wants to be your trusted residential solar contractor provider in Omaha, NE.  Right now is the perfect time to go solar! 


Residential Solar Incentives For Omaha, NE Homeowners

When you purchase and install a solar electric system on your Omaha home, the biggest solar incentive you can receive currently is through the federal solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This allows Omaha homeowners to take a tax credit off your personal income tax return for 30% of the solar system cost (with no cap). This tax credit can be taken all in one year, or spread out over five years.

This 30% Investment Tax Credit is only available until December 31st, 2019. In 2020, the 30% tax credit incentive drops to 26%. In 2021, it drops down to only 22%. Finally, in 2022 it ends permanently as there will be no more tax credit for Omaha and nationwide homeowners. 


Customized Residential Solar Energy Solutions

No two solar panel installations are alike. This is because every Omaha single homeowner’s roof type, size and location is different. Maven’s solar installation contractors design your solar energy system based off your particular needs and budget. They carefully plan, install and inspect each of their solar projects to ensure our customer’s complete satisfaction. 


Residential Solar In Omaha, NE Is A Great Investment

By now, we are sure that you understand why going solar is such a great investment. Having solar generally helps increase your house’s value along with providing your family the ability to become energy-independent from the electrical company. Solar also reduces your environmental carbon footprint. Going solar today in Omaha provides a cleaner, more sustainable planet for future generations to come!

Why Choose Maven For Your Omaha, NE Solar Installation?

Maven offers premium solar solutions in Omaha, NE and at competitive prices. We earn our customers trust through our hard work and expert craftsmanship. We charge upfront costs and are transparent about our fees. We care about each and every project—no matter how small or large. We think you should choose Maven for your next residential solar project because we are diligent professionals and care about achieving successful results.

In addition, Maven features some of the most reliable residential solar contractors in the region. Our solar contractors are certified. They have the necessary credentials to wear the Maven label. Maven boasts many repeat customers because we get the job done right for a fair price.

If you live in or near Omaha, NE, get to know what Maven can do for you. Solar installation is our specialty!  Call us if you have questions or to schedule an appointment to consult about your project.

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